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Log Analysis in the Workplace

In a company where there is a network of computers and other electronic devices, people would sometimes hear the word log files and log analysis. But what is it really? Log files are the records created by a computer on a daily basis consisting of all the things that the computer has process from the [...]

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  • HITCHCOCK’S EMD CINEMA – Injustice in Art & History
    It’s one of those injustices we see too often in the world of art and history… An integral monument to the cultural structure of a society being sacrificed in the name of some unfulfilling, commercial purpose. The EMD Cinema in Walthamstow was a celebrated building. It is acknowledged as one of London’s finest art deco [...] Continue Reading->>
    The film is a compelling compilation of testimonies, voices and opinions gathered around five continents. The Live8 concert in July this year, in London’s Hyde Park was set up to raise awareness about the Black continent issues, but before the first guitar riffs, the gig highlighted one single home truth: Africans should do it for [...] Continue Reading->>
  • SAYLES TECHNIQUE – A Social, Political & Emotional Travelogue
    John Sayles’ work tends to act as a social, political and emotional travelogue rather than a straight-line narrative. The films are all about the compromises that exist between individuals and the society in which they live. Roger Corman’s B-movie factory of the sixties and seventies produced a number of leading film talents like Francis Ford [...] Continue Reading->>